SATURDAY JUNE 10, 2023 & SUNDAY JUNE 11, 2023


True Trading Group Presents: Michael Edward’s 2-Day Intensive Trader Psychology Bootcamp This is a 2-day paid virtual event for anyone that wants to step up their trading game and gain a deeper understanding of the psychology behind successful trading. During this Boot Camp Mike will share his expert insights and strategies for cultivating a winning mindset, managing emotions & identifying & breaking free from destructive patterns so that you can make better trading decisions. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your trading skills to the next level and achieve greater success in the markets.This boot camp will take place online, within the TTG Study Hall Chat Room beginning on Saturday June 10, 2023 & ending on Sunday June 11, 2023.

This bootcamp will be very limited, in an effort to maintain an intimate atmosphere allowing you to get the maximum benefit! The cost to attend this event is $300USD however we will have a pre-sale starting 4/20/2023 & concluding when we reach 250 pre-sales total and or on Friday 4/21 whichever happens 1st. Pre-sale pricing offers big savings that will differ by TTG Membership type. (see below)

SALE PRICING: (Your Purchase Includes TraderPALOOZA 11 or 12 Access for FREE!)

Lifetime Members: $200 NO COUPON NEEDED (Click Here for Tickets)

STR Members / Lifetime Payment Plan / Advantage / Mentor Pro: $225 NO COUPON NEEDED (Click Here for Tickets)

Accelerator / Annual Plus: $265 NO COUPON NEEDED  (Click Here for Tickets)

Annual Members: $275 NO COUPON NEEDED (Click Here for Tickets)

NOTE: This will be recorded. Recordings will NOT be sold after. If you want the recording you must purchase a ticket! When pre-sale ends all tickets regardless of membership type will be $300

DAY 1: SATURDAY JUNE 10, 2023 | START: 9:30 AM ET | END: 2:30 PM ET

Session 1: Introduction to Trader Psychology (1 hour)

    • Welcome and Introduction
    • Why Trader Psychology Matters
    • Common Trading Psychology Pitfalls
  • *Interactive Activity: Identify Your Trading Psychology Strengths and Weaknesses

Session 2: Emotions in Trading (1 hour)

    • Understanding the Role of Emotions in Trading
    • Common Emotions Experienced by Traders
    • How Emotions Affect Trading Decisions
  • *Interactive Activity: Developing Emotional Awareness and Management Strategies

Session 3: Developing a Winning Trading Mindset (1 hour)

    • The Importance of a Positive Mindset in Trading
    • Building Self-Confidence and Discipline
    • Setting Realistic Trading Goals
  • *Interactive Activity: Goal-Setting Exercise

Session 4: Risk Management (1 hour)

    • Importance of Risk Management in Trading
    • Identifying and Managing Risk
    • Risk vs. Reward
  • Interactive Activity: Risk Management Simulation Exercise

Session 5: Trading Psychology in Practice (1 hour)

    • Applying Trader Psychology in Real-Life Trading Situations
    • Common Trading Scenarios and How to Overcome Them
    • Developing a Personalized Trading Plan
  • *Interactive Activity: Case Studies and Group Discussion


DAY 2: SUNDAY JUNE 11, 2023 | START: 11:00 AM ET | END: 6:00 PM ET

Session 1: Trading Strategies and Trader Psychology (1 hour)

    • How Trading Strategies and Trader Psychology are Connected
    • Importance of Finding a Strategy that Suits Your Personality
    • Matching Trading Strategies with Your Psychological Profile
  • *Interactive Activity: Personality Assessment and Trading Strategy Selection

Session 2: Managing Trading Stress (1 hour)

    • Understanding the Impact of Stress on Trading Performance
    • Identifying Sources of Trading Stress
    • Strategies for Managing Stress in Real-Time
  • *Interactive Activity: Stress-Management Techniques

Session 3: Mastering Your Mindset: Strategies for Long-Term Trading Success  (1-2 hour)

  • Join licensed therapist Sari Holtermann, with over 23 years of experience, as she guides you through a 2-hour deep dive into the mechanics of how negative & self destructive patterns and behaviors are developed over time. Gain valuable insights into the psychological factors driving these patterns and discover the best strategies to counter them, for your long-term trading success. This session is a must-attend for anyone serious about improving their trading psychology and achieving consistent profits in the markets.

Session 4: Trading Psychology Tools and Techniques (1 hour)

    • Tools and Techniques for Developing Trader Psychology
    • Visualization, Meditation, and Self-Hypnosis
    • Journaling and Self-Reflection
  • *Interactive Activity: Practice Visualization and Meditation

Session 5: Mindful Trading (1 hour)

    • What is Mindful Trading
    • The Benefits of Mindful Trading
    • Mindfulness Techniques for Traders
  • *Interactive Activity: Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Session 6: Wrap-Up and Future Planning (1 hour)

    • Recap of Key Concepts and Takeaways
    • Planning for the Future
    • Resources for Further Learning and Development
  • *Interactive Activity: Goal-Setting and Action Planning