Refund / Cancellation Policy

Due to the fact that members are granted instant access to our trading courses and can immediately benefit from the educational content, we DO NOT give refunds. Please note, it took time and money to create these courses to your benefit. Becoming a successful trader does not happen overnight. You should consider this an investment in your education.

To remove yourself from auto renew and cancel your account, please go to your member dashboard, select “My Account” & then select “Subscriptions” or click hereWe ask that you terminate your account no later than 2 full business days before your renewal. Your billing expiration date can be found by visiting your member dashboard, selecting “My Account” & then select “Subscriptions” or click here. Again, if you forget to close your account before billing recurs, this is your fair warning there are no refunds.

Terms and Conditions

True Trading Group DOES NOT OFFER REFUNDS, However… If you sign up for True Trading Group & A Money Back Guarantee Was Mentioned / Offered in Writing via email, ttg chatroom message or text, we will give you a full refund of your membership cost under the following conditions: (a) you must maintain your TTG membership throughout the term of the membership and never cancel the membership or provide notice of same; (b) the TTG member must pass all of TTG’s currently offered and future offered courses by passing  course exams with at least a  85% grade; (c) the TTG member must maintain its TTG certification without a lapse of more than 72 hours between the time of TTG’s  currently offered courses and any one or more new courses that TTG offers;  (d) the TTG member must participate in chat during TTG sessions for 220 of the 253 trading days during a calendar year; (e) the TTG member is ineligible for a refund if the member makes via its own stock trading on a one-time basis an amount that is equivalent to or exceeds the cost of the TTG membership fee  within 1 year of its TTG membership; (f) for clarity with respect to (e), if the membership fee is $1,200, if the member makes $500 today, $500 tomorrow, and $200 the day after, the TTG member is ineligible for a membership refund, even if on the fourth day or any subsequent trading day, the member loses $10,000; (g) to consider a refund based on (e) and (f) and to verify the claimed accuracy of the member’s trading in the TTG member’s account and to otherwise verify whether the  refund request strictly conforms to (e) and (f), the TTG member shall be required to provide to TTG for its review a profit and loss or brokerage statements of its customer account at the registered broker-dealer with whom the TTG member has maintained such account; (h) with respect to (e), (f), (g), TTG will only accept brokerage statements that are issued by the registered broker dealer where the TTG member maintains its account and will not accept excel spreadsheets or the functional equivalent that purportedly reflects trading in the member’s trading account; (i) the TTG member shall be required to only request a refund while the member maintains the TTG membership or within 24 hours after the membership has expired; (j) assuming all terms and conditions are complied with and the refund is approved by TTG’s management, such refund  may take up to 14 days to process; (k) apart from the terms and conditions of this particular  refund policy as reflected above, TTG’s refund policy generally as stated on its website shall  be applicable to all TTG members; (l) the foregoing refund policy may be changed at any time without notice by TTG; (m) the foregoing terms and conditions are further subject to TTG’s full disclaimer that may be accessed at the following link:

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