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About - True Trading Group

True Trading Group (TTG) is a leading edtech and fintech platform dedicated to democratizing the financial markets through comprehensive education and powerful trading tools. Founded on the principles of accessibility and transparency, TTG empowers traders and investors of all skill levels—from complete beginners to seasoned professionals—to thrive in today’s dynamic financial environments.

At TTG, we believe that effective education is the cornerstone of successful trading and investing. Our platform provides a robust curriculum that covers a broad spectrum of financial topics. From the fundamentals of trading stocks, options, and futures, to mastering complex investment strategies, TTG offers over 1000 hours of on-demand video content as well as live webinars and interactive lessons. All content is delivered by experienced traders and educators who are committed to helping you understand and navigate the markets confidently.

True Trading Group is also at the forefront of integrating advanced technology into trading education. Our platform features an AI-driven trading assistant, powered by a custom version of OpenAI’s GPT-4, which supports members in executing trades, backtesting strategies, and receiving personalized trading insights—all via intuitive natural language commands.

Understanding the need for real-time stock market data, TTG grants its members access to premium trading tools and real-time data streams from esteemed sources like Nasdaq, NYSE, Benzinga, QuoteMedia, ETNA, TradingView & more. Whether it’s day trading, swing trading, or long-term investing, our tools and data are designed to give our members an edge in all aspects of their trading journey.

Community and support are vital aspects of the TTG experience. We offer a vibrant and supportive community where members can join trading chat rooms, participate in forums, and engage in small private study groups. Our platform also facilitates mentorship and one-on-one coaching, ensuring that every member has the support they need to succeed.

Recognizing that financial commitment can be a barrier, TTG provides various membership options, including flexible financing plans. Our commitment to member success is underscored by our Double Money Back Guarantee for members who meet specific educational and trading benchmarks but do not see financial success.

True Trading Group is more than just a trading platform—it’s a community where traders can grow, learn, and succeed together. Join us to start your journey toward becoming a confident and successful trader.