Official Rules

The following are the rules and other information governing the award of the prizes by True Trading Group LLC (“TTG”) regarding the Simulated Account Challenge reflected in Exhibit 1 hereto  (the “Prize”).  TTG seeks to conform to all applicable Truth and Lending Laws,  Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission guidelines and laws,  any applicable state prize laws, and to ensure that any advertising used to advertise the Prize be truthful, fair, and with accurate disclosure.   TTG has filed a Game Promotion Filing with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (“Florida Consumer Services”) pursuant to Section 849.094 of the Florida Statutes and Rule 5J-14.003 of the Florida Administrative Code.   TTG Is also required to provide Florida Consumer Services with a certified list of the Prize Winner,  his or her name and address, and the Prize value.  This document is required to be posted on the TTG website and any other medium containing information regarding the Prize.


The Prize consists of the prizes under the various designated categories in Exhibit 1.   Participants must provide truthful, valid, and accurate information in the reporting of their simulated trades.  If a winner cannot be contacted or is disqualified for any reason within 3 days of the Prize Winner being determined, TTG, in its sole discretion,  reserves the right to determine an alternate winner or not to award the prize at all.


The Prize Winner and the Prize Participants release TTG, its officers, directors, agents, attorneys, from any and all claims in connection with the Prize and the Simulated Account Challenge. By participating in the Prize process and the Simulated Account Challenge, each TTG Member and/or the Prize Winner hold harmless and waives any claims of liability or damages against TTG, , its officers, directors, agents, attorneys.  By entering the Prize Process, TTG members and all others agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of federal and state courts in Dade County, Florida.


  • All active annual & or lifetime TTG members will automatically be eligible to enter into the Prize event but MUST take certain action & meet certain requirements of eligibility as described below:
    • Participants and winners MUST be (a) a True Trading Group, LLC (“TTG”) annual and or lifetime member, i.e., that they have signed up for TTG’s online educational platform (b) over the age of 18. There is a limit of one entry per annual TTG member. The Prize Winner will be required to present a valid US Driver’s License and a valid US Social Security Number & or Identification document for the country they are from.  Any person who fails to abide by the rules presented herein will be ineligible for the Prize.
    • Participants MUST have an active & NON-Cancelled TTG Annual Membership. Having an active membership with recurring payment canceled will disqualify you from all prizes even if you are selected as a winner. A user must log in within the past 90 days prior to the giveaway to be considered “active”.
  • Participants will be REQUIRED to:
    • Submit their full name, TTG username, email, phone number & full address on this page:
      • Each participant will be required to do this for each giveaway.
      • Each participant will be required to be present on the YouTube live stream during the live giveaway. When the winner’s name is displayed on the screen a staff member from TTG will attempt to contact the winning member. The winning member will be asked to participate on the live stream and or at the VERY least answer the phone & talk on the live stream if they are unwilling to do so they forfeit the prize and TTG will re-spin the wheel of names for a new winner.
        • The winning member has 5 minutes to answer their phone after their name is called. If they do not answer they forfeit the prize and TTG will re-spin the wheel of names for a new winner.
        • The member that did not answer will remain eligible for future giveaways.

Prize Rejection

Should the Prize Winner reject the Prize, no other Prize Winner will be selected.


All prize winners are responsible for all taxes due in connection with the Prize.   TTG  will not pay for any applicable taxes on behalf of the prize participant(s).  TTG will issue a 1099  form to the Prize Winner.   The Prize Winner must rely upon his or her tax professional regarding any personal tax implications from winning the Prize.  The  Prize Winner shall be solely responsible  for reporting and paying any and all applicable taxes related to the Prize.  The Prize Winner must cooperate in providing TTG with valid identification and a valid taxpayer  identification number  or social security number before the Prize may be awarded.


By participating in TTG’S Simulated Account Challenge conducted by TTG as a contestant in such event (the “Event”) you agree: (a) that you have received, read, and understand the Terms and Conditions below; (b) the Terms and Conditions create a valid and binding agreement, enforceable against you in accordance with the terms hereof; (c) the Terms and Conditions, regulations and or policies of TTG may be amended or supplemented from time to time in our sole discretion without notice; (d) if you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions, you are prohibited from being a contestant at the Event.  You agree  to the following terms and conditions and for purposes of this document, “you” in this document, includes you and the use of any agent or nominee by you:

  1. You will not recommend to other TTG members or any other persons or entities the simulated trades you choose to report to TTG.
  2. You will not recommend to the TTG members or any other persons or entities the purchase of any securities whatsoever, including the stocks that are the subject of the simulated trades.
  3. You will not in any way or form represent yourself privately, publicly, or otherwise as a TTG representative..
  4. You will not act in the capacity of an Investment Advisor, Financial Planner, Stock Broker, with respect to the
  5. You will not receive any monetary or other compensation in connection with the Event or any of the above references or other activities.
  6. In connection with the Event, you will not promote, offer for sale or sell any product or service, including, without limitations, any TTG product or service, financial or investment product, security or service, either owned or promoted by you.
  7. You will not transmit, provide, handout, any materials pertaining to your business at the Event.
  8. You will not engage in any multi-marketing at the Event or Online Event.
  9. You will not solicit login, account or otherwise any personal information in connection with the Event.
  10. You will not bully, intimidate or harass TTG or any of its representatives or participants in the Simulated Account Challenge.
  11. In connection with the Event, you will not post content that is hateful, threatening, or pornographic, incites violence, or contains nudity, graphic material, gratuitous violence or any other activities that WSB in its sole discretion finds objectionable.
  12. You will not use the Event in any manner whatsoever that may be reasonably construed to be, unlawful, including, without any limitation, in violation of any laws, rule or regulation related to securities or investments or any rules or regulations of the Securities & Exchange Commission, Stock Exchanges, Trading Platforms, quotation mediums, or any foreign regulatory agency.
  13. In connection with the Event, you will not make your account or any account that you have control of to offer services or products in connection with the Event.
  14. You will not request personal information from other TTG members.
  15. You understand that violation of any one or more of the terms and conditions will result in immediate removal from the Event.
  16. You will not use TTG’s name without the written consent of TTG.

You will abide by all of the term contained in  Exhibit 1, which are incorporated  herein as terms and conditions.