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Your True Trading Group 1-Year Subscription Includes Immediate Access to:

Daily Trading Chat Room: Watch award winning hedge fund trader Michael Edward and his team of pro TTG traders share their screen, alert their trades, and listen to audio analysis as they break down in real-time where they see opportunities in the market.

2-Small Private Study Group Per Year: Every Thursday a TTG Trading Moderator holds a small private study group after market hours with no more than 200 TTG members at a time. The point of these small private study groups is to provide members with even more individualized attention to further increase your chance of success.

Benzinga Pro Live Streaming News Feed & Squawk: From the TTG chatroom you get direct 24/7 access to Benzinga Pro's Live Streaming News Feed and Squawk. Stay ahead of the market & make informative trading decisions with real-time news!

TradingView's Pro+ Real-Time Streaming Charting Software: What do you get when you combine TradingView's Pro+ full charting library & functionality with QuoteStream’s real-time streaming data? You get a charting software that is second to none!

Trade Ideas Real-Time Scanner: The industry standard market scanner is Trade Ideas. This cloud based Artificial Intelligence stock market analysis platform is now streaming real-time live within True Trading Group!

Learn & Hone Your Skills as A Trader with TTG's Trading Simulator: This state-of-the-art trading simulator is the perfect way for anyone of any skill level to learn and or hone their skills as a trader. Whether you want to practice trading Stocks or Options our simulator has everything you need to improve as a trader without risking $1.00 of your hard-earned money. (includes real-time L1 & L2 streaming data provided by QuoteMedia)

Quickly Identify Stocks & Crypto to Trade with TTG’s Scanner: We have combined the functionality of Finviz Elite with real-time streaming data from our partners at QuoteMedia & to create the TTG Scanner! This premium tool allows members to quickly identify real-time trading opportunities without wasting hours of time on research.

Social Sentiment Screener: Discover the most talked about & trending stocks & crypto from Reddit, StockTwits and Twitter!

Stock Profiles and Analyst Ratings: The TTG Stock Profile tool provides unlimited on-demand information on any public company, such as current price, bid & ask, current volume, news, curated stories, SEC filings, price history, corporate events, financials analyst ratings and more. Want to save this info? Just click the download link and all available info will be saved to your computer in PDF format.

TTG's Daily Watchlist and Game Plan: See what stocks the TTG Pro-Traders have their eyes on and find out how they intend to trade them before the market opens so you know exactly where to focus your attention.

Trading a Market Crash for Huge Profit: In this course, we will discuss how to thrive in times of intense volatility and moments of great fear in the stock market. Always remember, where there is bloodshed, there is opportunity.

Swing Trade email Alerts/Analysis: Receive detailed email alerts, analysis, and updates when Michael enters and exits a swing trade. See what he expects to happen and how long he intends to hold the position.

Beginner & Foundation Trading Courses: Michael Edward walks you through his strategy and lays the foundation for a path to consistent profitability.

Advanced Trading Courses: Michael dives deep into the education he received while working at a hedge fund, simplifies it into layman's terms and shares the keys to professional technical analysis and trade execution.

Foundation & Advanced Options Trading Courses: Unlock the power of options trading with a thorough understanding of how to trade call and put options contracts.

Trader Psychology Course: Trading is 80% mental! Master your emotions and profit like a pro!

Swing Trading Course: Not a fan of quick day trades? We have you covered! Our swing trading course will show you how to trade stocks over days and weeks as opposed to minutes and hours. This course is perfect for people with full time jobs.

Crypto Foundations Course: This course is your introduction into the world of blockchain technology and trading cryptocurrency.

TTG's Video Library: Watch 150+ hours of live workshops, webinars and study groups between TTG's Pro Trader Moderators and Members on a vast array of trading and overall market topics. This video library is updated with new live & exclusive content DAILY!

TTG Premium Blog & Forum: Get helpful insight and tips, market commentary, trade ideas, and trade recaps and breakdowns updated weekly by TTG pro traders.

Any and All-New Courses & Tools: Subscribers receive all courses & tools that True Trading Group offers and will offer in the future, for as long as they are members. Michael and the TTG team will be releasing new courses and updating existing courses frequently, all content is included, with your 1-Year membership to TTG.

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MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE REFUND POLICY: If you sign up for True Trading Group & A Money Back Guarantee Was Mentioned / Offered on this CHECKOUT PAGE, in Writing or via email, ttg chatroom message or text/SMS Message, we will give you a full refund of your membership cost under the following conditions: (a) you must maintain your TTG membership throughout the term of the membership and never cancel the membership or provide notice of same, unless it is within 48-hours of your annual membership renewal; (b) the TTG member must pass all of TTG’s currently offered and future offered courses by passing course exams with at least a 85% grade, by doing so you will be TTG Certified (TTG certification); (c) the TTG member must maintain its TTG certification without a lapse of more than 2-weeks between the time of TTG’s currently offered courses and any one or more new courses that TTG offers; (d) the TTG member must log into the TTG Platform (not the chat room, just the platform) for 50 of the 253 trading days during their 365-Day (1-year) membership & complete 1-free small private study group; (e) the TTG member is ineligible for a refund if the member makes via its own stock trading on a one-time basis an amount that is equivalent to or exceeds the cost of the TTG membership fee within 1 year of its TTG membership; (f) for clarity with respect to (e), if the membership fee is $$1,050, if the member makes $500 today, $500 tomorrow, and $203 the day after, the TTG member is ineligible for a membership refund, even if on the fourth day or any subsequent trading day, the member loses $10,000; (g) to consider a refund based on (e) and (f) and to verify the claimed accuracy of the member’s trading in the TTG member’s account and to otherwise verify whether the refund request strictly conforms to (e) and (f), the TTG member shall be required to provide to TTG for its review a profit and loss or brokerage statements of its customer account at the registered broker-dealer with whom the TTG member has maintained such account; (h) with respect to (e), (f), (g), TTG will only accept brokerage statements that are issued by the registered broker dealer where the TTG member maintains its account and will not accept excel spreadsheets or the functional equivalent that purportedly reflects trading in the member’s trading account; (i) the TTG member shall be required to only request a refund while the member maintains the TTG membership or within 24 hours after the membership has expired; (j) assuming all terms and conditions are complied with and the refund is approved by TTG’s management, such refund will be processed within 3-5 business days & will inlude an additional $$1,050USD; (k) apart from the terms and conditions of this particular refund policy as reflected above, TTG’s refund policy generally as stated on its website shall be applicable to all TTG members; (l) the foregoing refund policy may be changed at any time without notice by TTG; (m) the foregoing terms and conditions are further subject to TTG’s full disclaimer that may be accessed at the following link:

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP AUTO-RENEW POLICY: Your TTG Annual Membership is set to auto-renew every year on your membership anniversary date. To remove yourself from auto renew and cancel your account, please go toyour member dashboard, select “My Account,” & then select “Subscriptions,” orclick here. We ask that you terminate your account no later than 2 full business days before your renewal. Your billing expiration date can be found byvisiting your member dashboard, selecting “My Account,” & then select“Subscriptions,” or click here. Again, if you forget to close your account before billing recurs, this is your fair warning there are no refunds. Your TTG Annual Membership will renew automatically unless canceled 2 business days before your subscription’s anniversary date for the same price you paid for your 1st yearof membership. If you cancel your auto-renew, your account will remain active until your subscription’s anniversary date, at which time your access will be restricted and your TTG account removed. All members who cancel their auto-renew before the 2 business days before their subscription’s anniversary date will not be eligible to participate in any giveaways, prizes, raffles, or sweepstakes from True Trading Group, LLC & if the member decides to sign back up, they will do so at whatever the current price is not what they originally paid.