I’ll Be Honest With You

TTG Family Members,

This is Mike from True Trading Group & I need to be honest with you. True Trading Group is going through changes.

Since 2019, we’ve grown substantially as a family, community and business. What started as a chat room with a handful of courses and trade alerts, has blossomed into today’s premier online financial technology company with a focus on empowering and educating the retail trader & investor. 

Based on the fact that our refund rate is less than 3% since the company’s inception and the fact that 78% of new members that sign up either renew their annual membership and or have become lifetime members, we feel confident & inspired in our ability to continue to grow & thrive as a family, community & business.

Speaking of Lifetime Membership, it is important to note that over 37% of our entire member base which spans 10,000+ across the globe in over 115 different countries have made the decision to call True Trading Group their home, forever.

TTG Lifetime Membership has been the most sought after, in-demand membership type we had and for 3 GREAT REASONS… ACCESS, SAVINGS & FAMILY.’

As a TTG Lifetime Member You Have Full Access to:

  • Unrestricted, Open & Private Access to all TTG Pro Trading Moderators Including Myself, via Private Messages in Chat, Text Messaging When Not in Chat & Direct Email Access.
  • 4, 1-on-1 Mentor Sessions Per Year at The Rate of 1 Per Quarter. This Hands on Mentoring Allows You to Get the Help You Need When You Need It, in a private 1-on-1 setting that is relaxed, comprehensive & results driven.
  • Lifetime Access to TTG’s Sniper Trading Robot (STR) Program which showcases the best member-to-member interaction in an intimate pre-market & after hours environment allowing for people to get the help, encouragement, and insight they need to achieve that next level of success or to simply improve and get to a place of profitability.
  • As a Lifetime Member, You Can Attend As Many Thursday Mentor Sessions As You Want. Annual Members Are Limited To 2 Per Year.
  • Higher Value Giveaways at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

As a TTG Lifetime Member You Save a Lot of Money:

  • Never Pay for Annual Membership Ever Again, Lifetime Means LIFETIME! 
  • No Annual Maintenance Fees, EVER!
  • In Person Meet Ups, Bootcamps, Accelerators & Enrichment Programs are Offered to Lifetime Members at Nearly a 50% Discount Compared to Annual Members Pay.

We Want Your Lifetime Membership to Stay Within Your Family:

  • As A Lifetime Member, You Can Transfer Your Lifetime Membership To A Family Member, Spouse, Or Close Friend If God Forbid Something Happens To You.

The Numbers DON’T LIE:

In an effort to understand, connect and provide what our members need we have surveyed our entire membership base for many years on a variety of topics, including those related to success and make no mistake when we say “success” we mean making money and becoming a better trader.

What we’ve found over the years is that regardless of how much money you start with, how much time you have or don’t have, whether you are a beginner or a pro, your chance of success increases on average around 70% from the day you join TTG’s Lifetime Membership.

Do you doubt it? Go into chat and notice the number of members with the ring icon, those are our Lifetime Members, ask them how they are doing, how they have done, if it was worth the investment, see what they say.

This is Where TTG is at Today:

When we sold new Lifetime Membership Spots the cost was $8,848. Sounds like a lot? NO it is a lot, but it’s also a small price to pay for beginners & pros looking for full access, huge savings & personalized mentorship that has proven to dramatically increase your chance of success, within True Trading Group.

In an effort to help make this more affordable for members we counted everything you paid to TTG since you signed up and throughout the first 2-years of your membership to be subtracted from that $8,848. That means if you signed up for TTG and paid $1,000 for an annual membership you would pay $7,848 to upgrade.

If you wanted to pay that in a 1-time payment we would offer you an additional discount of around $500 off, however if you needed a payment plan we would do that too and that is where the problem happened.

Most members chose to pay a 1-time discounted fee as opposed to an at cost payment plan. We allowed people to put down between $2,000 to $3,000 and then pay the balance off in 3-4 even payments over 3-4 years with immediate access to all TTG Lifetime Membership benefits.

The majority of members on lifetime payment plans made their payments & completed their plans  in a timely manner and today owe us nothing. As of March 2024, there are 170 members still on lifetime payment plans & fortunately we expect nearly all of them to finish as scheduled.

However, there are a handful of members that have defaulted meaning they will not be completing their lifetime membership payment plan and as such have been removed from True Trading Group & will not be refunded.

While this is unfortunate for them and TTG as a company it provides YOU with an OPPORTUNITY!


We want to fill the defaulted spots & we only want the money owed on it. This means as a NON-Lifetime Member you have the chance to pay the balance owed on the defaulted member’s account & if you do so you get the lifetime membership spot they were supposed to get at a FRACTION OF THE PRICE EVERYONE ELSE PAID!

Out of the 170 members still on payment plans almost all will complete them. We currently have 5 defaulted spots and THESE COULD & SHOULD BE THE LAST OF THEM!

Once these spots are complete we will NEVER OFFER THIS AGAIN! If you want 1on1 mentorship or more access to the mods we will offer it for several thousand more per year in addition to your annual membership.

We are trying to give a select few of you a chance to avoid paying $1,000’s of extra dollars to get the same benefits & increased chance at success that others have for a 1-time fee!


We have 5 spots that we must pay for ourselves or sell them & make no mistake they will sell, QUICKLY. All 5 spots are on a 1st come 1st serve basis as we need to get rid of them & are HIGHLY motivated to do so.

This is not just a matter of losing money as a company on these spots. The money pales in comparison to the time wasted trying to follow up and fill these spots, it’s time that is better spent focusing on ways to improve our platform and move us forward instead of cleaning up the past.


Reply to the Text Message You Received That Brought You Here and or Send a Text Message to 1 (888) 306-8783 with the word OFFER

Once you do, if we have not sold out you will receive a reply within 30 minutes or less, if you do not we are sadly sold out, but of course we appreciate your interest. 

NOT INTERESTED? No Worries, But Please Do Me a Favor and…

Reply to the Text Message You Received That Brought You Here and or Send a Text Message to 1 (888) 306-8783 with the word SEEN