Super Bowl Sunday “Funday” 2022

Super Bowl Sunday “Funday” 2022

Hello, We’re Going to Make This as Simple as Possible:

  • TTG’s main chat room is open right now for TTG3 Trial Members and Full TTG Members.
  • The chat room is open now & will remain open until after the super bowl is finished. We want people to have a place to come and hang out, talk about the trading week ahead BUT also have a place during today’s Super Bowl to come and be amongst family!
  • The chat room is open NOW & will remain open during today’s 2pm ET live stream if you mention the codewords on the stream in the chat room you are will be barred from participating in ANY giveaway we have in the future!
  • We will not be addressing ANY customer service issues today!
  • This is not the day or time to ask about things like how to claim your laptop, how to get your app to work, how many codewords were given out, etc… NO ONE IS TECHNICALLY WORKING TODAY, IT’S SUNDAY & WE’RE TRYING TO DO SOMETHING NICE!

We are well aware that 99% of you will understand and adhere to this message and for that, we are grateful and welcome you! Please don’t be part of the 1% that will undoubtedly ignore everything we posted here and ultimately ruin a good time for all 🙂

If You are a TTG3 Trial Member or Full TTG Member CLICK HERE TO LOGIN To Chat Now

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