I’m Sorry for the Short Notice

I’m Sorry for the Short Notice

Nice to meet you my name is Michael Edward. I’m a former award-winning hedge fund trader and now the current head trader at True Trading Group or TTG.

True Trading Group is the fastest growing and highest rated online trading educational curriculum and community with a single goal, to Learn Trade and Profit, Together.

You received the text message because of your interest in Investment opportunities within the stock market. It’s easy to invest in something. Most people only require 2 things…

  1. A general understanding of the upside and downside of the investment.
  2. A means to send the funds to invest.


This is where TTG comes into play. Relying on “gurus” to tell you what to buy and why you should buy it is a grave mistake. It is ALWAYS better to be shown how to fish than taken to the grocery store.

Tonight, Sunday 7/12/2020 at 8:30 PM EST on the TTG YouTube Channel I am hosting a Live Stream for FREE. I really want you to attend. I do a live Q&A for about 45 min which you are welcome to participate in and we then cover the live stream’s topic. Tonight’s topic is:

How to Make Massive Profit Trading Stocks & Options in an Unsure Market – Click Here to Attend!

By attending this Live Stream on YouTube tonight at 8:30 PM EST you owe us nothing and if you don’t like what you saw or heard simply unsubscribe by replying to the text you received with the word “STOP” & you will NEVER hear from us again.

If you are not interested in anything being discussed here, then please respond to the text message you received with the word “STOP” as we do not want to send information to people who don’t want it.

I know this is short notice… HOWEVER, if you can make the time tonight, I think it will be worth your while. Our YouTube Channel alone has hundreds of FREE trading lessons and real-world examples on how to improve as a trader/investor.

Michael Edward.

P.S. We open our chat room for free each Tuesday. If you want to learn more about this click here.

P.P.S. We also offer a free webinar titled “5 Key Lessons to Guaranteed to Make You a Better Trader” for more info on that click here

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