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True Trading Group is the fastest growing online community for traders of all skill levels. At TTG, we place a tremendous emphasis on receiving a true, professional education. Created by an award-winning hedge fund trader, the TTG education curriculum will give you insight into how professional traders are taught to trade the markets. Don’t waste your time and money trying to figure out the markets on your own. Instead, join the rest of the TTG community and build the core foundation and develop the skillset necessary to become a consistently profitable trader, even with a small account.

TTG Pro Bundle Includes

Stock Market Foundation Courses

Daily Chat Room Access

Daily Hot Stock Watch List

TTG Foundation Courses

TTG's Foundation Courses are essential for all new traders. It's imperative to develop good habits and build the right foundation early. Too many people dive into trading head first without the proper preparation. It is recommended that all new traders complete the Foundation Courses before placing a live trade.

  • How the stock market works and why you want to be part of it.
  • Trading lingo every trader should know.
  • What online broker is right for you and how to open an account.
  • How and when to place a limit order versus a market order.
  • 10 trading rules every trader should live by.
  • 20 most common mistakes traders make and how to avoid them.
  • Indentifying common chart patterns and how to trade them.
  • An introduction to technical indicators for day trading and swing trading.
  • An introduction to shorting.

Course 1 - Stock Market Foundation

Learn the essentials about the stock market. How it operates, why it's important, and how traders are pulling money out of it every day.

Course 2 - Chart Patterns

Learn how to understand what you are looking at when viewing a stock chart, identify chart patterns, and so much more.

Course 3 - Introduction To Technical Indicators

Learn about the 4 main technical indicators, how to identify & utilize them, and determine the future movement of a security.

Course 4 - Shorting

In this in-depth Shorting course, you will learn the fundamentals of shorting and how to execute a short-selling trade and much more.

TTG Chatroom Access

True Trading Group Chatroom


Live video and audio streamed directly from our TTG mentors & head trader Michael Edward.

TTG Certified

Members can become TTG Certified. This lets everyone else know you have completed all TTG courses and know what you’re doing.

Live Chat

When we all interact with one another in our live chat we can all learn, trade & profit.

Profitable Trade Alerts

Our TTG mentors and head trader Michael Edward will alert in real time 3-5 profitable trades per week.

Screen Share

Follow along as our head trader Michael Edward & TTG mentors share their screens while chatting and trading.

File Share

TTG Members have the ability to download documents that our mentors and head trader upload.

Premium Blog Access

Read through and absorb a wealth of information regarding general market commentary, sector specific analysis, individual trade breakdowns and watchlists, tips and tricks of the trade, and much more. Updated daily, TTG pro traders are constantly sharing their experience and wisdom with premium blog content.

Get Our TTG Pro Bundle & Kick Off Your Trading Career

Start building the foundation necessary to become a consistently profitable trader. Become part of one of the fastest growing communities of traders and experience what receiving a true, professional education can do for your trading results.

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