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True Trading Group Subscription

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Your True Trading Group 1-Year Subscription Includes Immediate Access to:

University Level 22-Course Curriculum: Discover our 22-course curriculum that caters to all levels - from beginners to pros. Our syllabus covers everything from stock market fundamentals to trader psychology and trading during market crashes. With Foundation Courses like Stock Market 101, Chart Patterns, Technical Indicators, and Shorting, you can enhance your skills with Advanced Courses like Tier Trading System, TTG Triangle, and Technical Indicators or master options with Introduction to Options and Advanced Options Trading. Plus, explore specialized topics such as Crypto, Futures Trading, and more. Our courses provide the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to excel, no matter your experience level. Click Here to Download Our Full Curriculum

Daily Trading Chat Room + Trade Alerts: Experience the thrill of trading alongside Michael Edward, an award-winning hedge fund trader, and his exceptional team of professional TTG traders in our dynamic Daily Trading Chat Room. Immerse yourself in the action as they share their screens, alert you to their trades, and provide real-time audio analysis to unveil the most promising opportunities in the market. Join us and elevate your trading game to new heights while learning from the best in the business. And if you can't be in chat, stay connected throughout the day on our mobile app for iOS & Android. This way, you can listen live & receive all real-time trade alerts via push notification.

Daily Watchlists for All Styles of Trading: Unlock the power of TTG's comprehensive Daily Watchlists, each curated by our seasoned Pro-Traders to cater to diverse trading styles such as swing, day, options, and scalping. Delivered before the market opens, these multiple watchlists unveil the most compelling stock and option opportunities and strategies, allowing you to focus your attention with laser precision.

2-Small Private Study Group Per Year: Two times per year you are invited to join our exhilarating Small Private Study Groups held every Thursday after market hours and hosted by a skilled TTG Trading Moderator. With a limited group size of just 200 TTG members, you'll receive personalized attention to boost your trading success and elevate your market prowess!

Benzinga Pro Live Streaming News Feed & Squawk: Experience the thrill of staying ahead in the market with 24/7 access to Benzinga Pro's Live Streaming News Feed & Squawk, available from the TTG chatroom. Make informed trading decisions with real-time news, including government and insider trades, keeping you at the cutting edge of market insights!

TradingView's Premium Charting Software + Real-Time Streaming Data: Experience the excitement of world-class charting with TradingView's Premium Real-Time Streaming Charting Software! Unleash the power of unlimited chart indicators, PineScript, community scripts, and multi-chart layouts, all combined with QuoteStream's lightning-fast, real-time streaming data. Elevate your trading game with this unparalleled charting software that's truly in a league of its own!

Trade Ideas Real-Time Scanner: Discover the power of Trade Ideas Real-Time Scanner – the ultimate industry standard for market scanning! Dive into the cutting-edge, cloud-based, Artificial Intelligence stock market analysis world, now streaming live within True Trading Group. Elevate your trading experience with this game-changing tool to keep you ahead of the curve and maximize your potential!

ETNA’s state-of-the-art Trading Simulator: Hone your abilities and improve as a trader without risking a single penny of your hard-earned money. At the same time, elevate your trading skills with TTG's state-of-the-art Trading Simulator, powered by ETNA Paper Trading. Experience realistic stock trading under real-world conditions, perfect for traders of any skill level. Dive into equities, options, futures, ETFs, and spreads with streaming Level I and II quotes and real-time order execution. This exceptional simulator, used by prestigious institutions like California State University, University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Berkeley Haas, and Illinois Tech, is now available to TTG members at no additional charge!

Stock Scanner with Real-Time Streaming Data: Discover the power of TTG's Scanner – a cutting-edge fusion of Finviz Elite and real-time streaming data from our partners at QuoteMedia! This premium tool empowers members to pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities and streamline their research process rapidly. Say goodbye to countless hours spent researching and embrace the future of efficient market analysis with the TTG Scanner, designed to elevate your trading game!

Real-Time Options Flow, Unusual Options Data & Dark Pool Data: TTG gives traders an unparalleled advantage with access to real-time options flow, unusual options data, and dark pool data. These valuable resources allow traders to accurately gauge market sentiment, identify trends, and capitalize on potential opportunities. By detecting unusual trading activity and gaining insights into large institutional trades executed outside public exchanges, members can enhance their strategies, align with prevailing trends, and improve risk management. With TTG, traders can stay ahead of the competition and increase their chances of success with this wealth of information at their fingertips.

Social Sentiment Screener: Uncover the hottest stocks buzzing across Reddit and Twitter! Stay ahead of the curve by tapping into the collective wisdom of traders and investors alike, and ride the wave of trending opportunities in real time. Embrace the future of finance with this game-changing tool and seize the moment to profit from the market's chatter!

Analyst Ratings + Stock Profiles: Get unlimited, on-demand access to all the crucial information about any public company, including current price, volume, news, SEC filings, financials, and more. Download everything in a single click and save it to your computer in PDF format for easy access. Stay ahead of the game and make informed decisions with the TTG Stock Profile!

On-Demand Video Library: Discover TTG's Dynamic & Ever Expanding Video Library. Immerse yourself in an astonishing collection of 600+ hours of live workshops, webinars, and study groups featuring interactions between TTG's Pro Trader Moderators and Members. Explore an extensive range of trading and market topics, and stay ahead of the curve with daily updates and exclusive live content. Unleash your trading potential and learn from the industry's best with our ever-growing video library!

Premium Blog & Trading Forums: Dive into TTG's Exclusive Premium Blog & Forum: Empower your trading journey with valuable insights, practical tips, and expert market commentary from our TTG pro traders. Explore fresh trade ideas, engage in detailed trade recaps and breakdowns, and enjoy weekly updates to stay at the forefront of the trading world. Join a thriving community of like-minded individuals and unlock your trading potential with the TTG Premium Blog & Forum!

Unlock Endless Learning Opportunities with TTG: As a valued subscriber, you'll gain complete access to all existing and future courses and tools True Trading Group offers for your 1-Year membership. Michael and the TTG team are committed to continually releasing new courses and updating current content to ensure you stay ahead of the game. Unleash your trading potential and thrive with this ever-growing wealth of knowledge and resources!

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