We conducted a poll within the chat today, 6/12/2024, and to our surprise, nearly 45% of members were unaware of the offers on this page that were set to expire on Tuesday, 6/11/2024. This is unfortunate and concerning as there were numerous text messages and emails sent on Tuesday, 6/11/2024, with the link to this page.

To give every member a fair chance at these offers, we will be extending each offer by a certain number of spots, which you can see below.

ALL OFFERS on this page will expire as their limits are reached or at 7 PM ET today, Wednesday, 6/12/2024. Even if there are spots available for an offer at 7 PM ET today, Wednesday, 6/12/2024, the offers will still expire. These are NOT spots we “need” to fill; this is simply a courtesy to TTG Members who were not aware of these offers.

Final Chance: Secure TTG’s AI Lifetime Membership for Just $675 – Only 50 Spots Left!

🔔 Final Chance: for Lifetime Access to TTG’s AI Platform🔔 Don’t miss this unique opportunity to become a member of True Trading Group’s AI Lifetime Program at an unbeatable price. For just a one-time payment of $675, gain lifetime access to all current and future AI tools, workshops, bootcamps, and real-time data across stocks, options, futures, and crypto. Enjoy weekly workshops, custom trading scripts, auto trading features, and so much more. With only 50 spots left and prices set to increase to $289 per month after June 11, 2024, now is the time to secure your future in trading with cutting-edge AI technology. Flexible payment options like Klarna and AfterPay make joining easier than ever. Don’t wait—click here to claim your spot!

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Last Chance: Only 50 Discounted Spots Left for TTG’s Options Swing Trading Boot Camp with Cha Martin!

🚨 Only 50 Discounted Spots Left! 🚨 Don’t miss your chance to join True Trading Group’s Pro Trading Mod, Cha Martin, at our transformative Options Swing Trading Boot Camp on June 29-30, 2024. This intensive two-day program is designed to elevate your trading skills, featuring sessions on trader psychology, technical analysis, risk management, and advanced swing trading strategies. Plus, gain exclusive access to Cha’s 30-day Mentorship Program starting July 1, 2024, to help you turn trading into a full-time endeavor. Secure your spot today before prices increase and transform the way you trade.

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Exclusive: Only 50 Final Spots! Boost Your Trading Skills with TTG’s Pro Mod Apprentice Program (Beta w/GIO)

🚨 Only 50 Discounted Spots Left! 🚨 Unlock your trading potential with True Trading Group’s Pro Trading Mod Apprentice Program (PTMAP – BETA w/GIO) and experience an unparalleled journey of personalized mentorship from a seasoned Pro Trader Mod. For just $700 for 12 months, delve deep into advanced trading strategies, tailored workshops, and exclusive one-on-one guidance meticulously designed to enhance your trading skills. With only 100 spots available, this highly focused program promises an intimate, high-impact learning environment aligned with real-time market conditions. Don’t miss your chance to transform your trading career—secure your spot now in this exclusive beta program and be part of an elite group of trailblazers.

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Limited Offer: Only 50 Spots Available – Unlock the Power of Futures Trading with TTG’s Comprehensive Program!

🚨 Only 50 Spots Open! 🚨 Futures trading offers nearly 24-hour market access, allowing you to seize money-making opportunities outside normal market hours and fit trading into your schedule seamlessly. With no Pattern Day Trading (PDT) restrictions and lower margin requirements thanks to brokers like NinjaTrader, you can start with less capital than needed for equities and options. Futures provide a unique advantage with increased leverage, amplifying potential profits when guided properly—and they’re free from time decay, meaning your trades aren’t racing against the clock to be profitable. For those with limited time, small accounts, or a desire for strategic depth and flexibility, futures trading is an ideal choice. True Trading Group’s comprehensive Futures Trading Program (TTG-FTP) is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate this high-reward landscape while mitigating risks. Don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity—click here to learn more!

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TTG ALL ACCESS Beta Program: Only 3 Spots Left – Serious Inquiries Only!

🚀 Introducing TTG ALL ACCESS: Limited Beta Program – Only 3 Spots Left! 🚀 We’re thrilled to announce the soft launch of TTG ALL ACCESS, an ultra-exclusive beta product available to only 3 additional Lifetime Members. This program is your gateway to unparalleled trading resources and benefits, including comprehensive access to all past, current, and future boot camps, accelerators, mentorship programs, specialized trading programs, and in-person events. Enjoy exclusive perks like priority private message replies, a dedicated customer service representative, and the unique opportunity to trade from the TTG Corp Office. If you’re ready to invest fully in your trading journey and gain the ultimate TTG experience, make sure you thoroughly read all the details before filling out the form. Spots are extremely limited, and this opportunity may never come again. Do not fill out the form unless you are absolutely serious—this exclusive opportunity is for those who are 100% ready to commit. Don’t miss out!

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