Alex’s Watch List: Week of 5/22/19

Alex’s Watch List: Week of 5/22/19

GBTC:  Great close on Friday helping out our swing trade we took some profits at . Still long and swinging GBTC from weeks ago at $4.67. Looking for that $10 break and hold off a BTC push to 7500. If BTC can break and hold $7250, GBTC will be on to watch. The daily chart shows 200ma acted as support after bouncing off $6. $7 was resistance since November of 2018. IF $9 area can break and hold look for a possible move to test the $9.50/$10.00 area. So far, so good on this swing trade on GBTC, from those $4.40-$4.60 area entries, great trading team. Our game plan is starting to pay off

RIOT: Looking for that S4.25 area to act as support if needed on a failed break of $4.50 area. Look for a test of the $5.00area, which has been acting as resistance. Potential with the 100ma crossing the 200ma on a TL cross on the the daily to the north. Some Vol and a crypto move could cause RIOT to rip this week. On watch for a $5.50 break and hold.

LTC: Strong day/weekend for crypto.  Our initial $42 entry was MONEY and TTG members are banking off that play, we tested 95 this weekend we took profits up in the $90s. The team added to LTC around the $73-77 area for a test of to 90. That $75 area held nicely as support for the trade which resulted in a retest of $90 area. Once $75 broke and held watching for a $90/$100 test. Currently using $84 area is acting as support on the daily. Starting to breakout of this trading channel. Great trade so far for TTG members on this LTC trade. We got in at $42-$43, and ADDED around $77 another easy trade thanks to charting and recognizing patterns and previous support/resistances. Either way charting was what made this trade easy to call out and trade. Charts do not lie.

SESN: Looking for a possible $1.15 to hold as support for a possible move back to $1.40 area (200ma). Break and hold of the 200ma and next resistance looks like that 1.55/1.60 area

BTC: Bitcoin finally broke that $7250/7500 area to push it up into the next channel, but could not break the next line in the sand of 7750. That $5000 – $62500 channel is where BTC was been trading until recently. Our game plan was the same from before, we were looking for a BTC can break and hold $7250-7500 area it will continue to bounce around. Once the break of $6250 happened, it ripped to over $7000. With BTC holding that $7000 area as support this channel break could be happening sooner than later. Looking for 8k+ by end of year. Members caught some decent gains from our add the other day for over 5% gains. Charting told the story, yet another easy play from knowing how to read a chart.

WKHS: Looking for 1.65 area to act as support, for a test of $2. Watching for that $2 break and hold

CLRB: Recent news on their cancer drug, FDA news. The 200ma has been holding the stock down, $2.50 area, needs to break and hold for any sort of move. Looking for 2.20 to hold as support.

SPY: Gapping down.Watching to see if Friday’s lows as support, if that cannot hold look for 200ma to be tested as support, looking for a hold of that 200ma on a pullback for a bounce back to 285+ and possible new ALL time highs on a possible china deal. Been putting in higher lows since 2018, not thinking that this is the End of the world on a pullback. Wait for confirmation and a push back to 285 this week.  

Back Burner Ideas:


PINS     QHC     RBZ      SRAX    INPX     JNUG 7.50 calls

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