About True Trading Group

About True Trading Group

The Fastest Growing Online Trading Education Platform & Community

Trade Better,
Live Better,
Grow Together.

Learn the strategies & trading patterns we use to consistently profit from the stock market everyday.

Learn Chart Patterns

Our members learn how to find and identify the right chart patterns & setups to go after on a daily basis that will give them the best probability to maximize profit.

Minimize Risks

Trading is always a risk, but with TTG, we teach our members how to understand & manage your risk so you can minimize your losses.

Join Us In Chat

Come join the thousands of other traders in the #1 online trading chat room where our head trader & moderators are calling out trades in real time.

Michael Edward

Head Trader

Michael Edward started his trading career working for a hedge fund in New York City with $450 million under management. In 2008 while working at the fund, he was awarded Trader of the Year.

During his time at the hedge fund, Michael went through an intensive three-month training that he has since taken and simplified into a curriculum that the everyday person can understand. Fast forward over a decade, Michael is now a full-time day-trader & swing trader.

His goal is to teach & mentor as many self-driven, passionate traders as he can on their journey to financial freedom through trading.

The True Trading Group Team

Jason Simmons


Specializes In Futures, Day Trading, Swing Trading & Market Education

Elena Khlopushina


Specializes In Futures & Momentum Stocks

Jay Downing


Specializes In Swing Trading & Momentum Stocks.

Chris Toner


Specializes In Options & Market Education.

Alex Campbell


Specializes In Cryptocurrencies & OTC Stocks

Thomas Bennet


Specializes in the Canadian Markets & Market Education.

"True Trading Group Has The Most Consistent & Profitable Trading Strategies"

Member Testimonials

Shawn Thomas

"Learning to trade takes time and needs the right platform and right trainers. True trading has that and more. It's great to be able to chat with others and ask questions."

Dustin Hubbard

"The education and insights you get are invaluable. If you plan on trading this is a must have group. I have taken courses but this brings it to a whole new level."

Josiah Hernandez

"Hands down the best trading group to be part of...I've been in other well known chat groups and they are offering far more resources from organized courses and live daily trading chat sessions that gives you the ability to ask questions to expert traders who are professional in explaining things and transparent with trades."

Andre Nastasi

"Great calls, very knowledgeable traders in the chat room!"

Boom Ngiam

"A must join for new Traders. To get the most out of it, please plan to spend a week during trading hours. They teach you how to reach charts, entries and exits. Stocks are much more than stock tips. These guys really teach you how to trade and give you a edge in your stock career"

Jason Simmons

"Earn while you learn. An amazing site where Teaching is just as important as making money. Crypto Future pennys big board. They hit them all. #TTG best online site period."

Not sure if True Trading Group is for you?

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