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Get Educated

Get Educated



The first step to becoming a successful trader is GETTING EDUCATED! An All-Star NFL Quarterback doesn’t just show up to a football game unprepared and untrained. He studies playbooks and different defensive packages and situations that help him excel on the field, when it counts. Trading is no different. Knowing the terminology, understanding different trading strategies, and being able to identify chart patterns is key in becoming a successful trader. The knowledge and understanding of this material will help you excel when it counts, when real money is on the line.



One of TTG’s top traders, Michael Edward, has taken the education he received while working at a hedge fund in NYC and broke it down in simple lessons that you can understand. The same training that the award-winning trader received is right at your fingertips. You no longer need to work on Wall Street to get a Wall Street education. TTG is bringing the education right to you.

After completing a lesson, test your knowledge with our multiple choice quizzes and see what areas you need to work on. You wouldn’t walk out onto a battlefield without your ammunition, so don’t start trading without this education.

After completing the TTG training courses, you will be able to identify favorable chart patterns and profitable trade setups with the knowledge to execute winning trade after winning trade. You will be one step closer to your goal of financial independence. One step closer to becoming a great trader.